Sunday, 14 November 2010

Fuzzy Felt

Remember fuzzy felt? Fuzzy Felt was created in 1950 by Lois Allan The toy consists of a flock backing board onto which a number of felt shapes are placed to create different pictures. In my day the felt pieces were simple silhouettes but I note that they now come in versions that are more detailed printed shapes. For a farmyard scene, for example, pieces would typically be cows, sheep, chickens, horses, cats, dogs, a farmer, and a tractor. Other scenes might include hospital, pets, vehicles.

In this era of technological wizardry devices are getting smaller, more powerful and more mainstream. This drives prices down due to economies of scale. They are therefore becoming more accessible by younger children. I would have thought that simple toys like fuzzy felt must surely struggle to compete with smart phones and ipads. However a 60th anniversary set has recently been produced so it must be finding faith yet. I can remember one of my children got fuzzy felt for a birthday present once. It was met with an indifferent response and confined to the back cupboard where it remained. Someone mentioned it the other day and I had totally forgotten about its existence. Instantly I was transported back to primary school with the little felt board and lots of shapes and bright colours. The simple pleasures in life are to be treasured.


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